What is IoT? Things To Know About IoT

IoT Là Gì? Những Điều Cần Biết Về IoT Và Ứng Dụng Trong Cuộc Sống

Source: Quốc Ca, thegioididong.com, 2021

1. What Is IoT?

IoT means Internet of Things or the Internet of Things. A system of interrelated computing devices, mechanical and digital machines or people and the ability to transmit data over a network without requiring human-computer interaction.

The idea of a network of smart devices has been discussed since 1982, with a customized Coca-Cola water vending machine at Carnegie Mellon University making it the first Internet-connected, capable of reporting inventory and coldness of new water bottles put into the machine.

In 1999, Kevin Ashton coined the phrase Internet of Things to describe a system where the Internet is connected to the physical world through sensors.

2. Structure of An IoT System

With an IoT system, they will include 4 main components that are devices (Things), connection stations (Gateways), network infrastructure (Network and Cloud) and data analysis and processing suite (Services-creation and Solution Layers).

Sensors will be responsible for sensing signals from the environment such as temperature, pressure, light, … and converting them into data forms in the Internet environment. Then the signals will be processed and made changes at the discretion of the consumer. Currently, they are often applied through applications on phones or on computers, …

3. Pros and Cons of IoT

– Pros

+ Access information from anytime, anywhere on all devices.

+ Improve communication between connected electronic devices.

+ Transferring data over the Internet saves time and money.

+ Automate tasks to improve your service quality.

– Cons

+ As more devices are connected and more information is shared between devices, the hacker’s ability to steal confidential information also increases.

+ Businesses may have to deal with a large number of IoT devices, and collecting and managing data from those devices will be a challenge.

+ If there is an error in the system, it is likely that any connected devices will be damaged.

+ Since there is no international standard of compatibility for IoT, it is difficult for devices from different manufacturers to communicate with each other.

4. Why IoT Matters?

IoT helps people live and work smarter, can control their time in the best way.

IoT gives businesses a view of how long their systems are actually up and running, providing insights into everything from machine performance to supply chain and logistics.

IoT helps companies automate processes and reduce labor costs. Helps reduce waste and improve service, making production and delivery less expensive, as well as providing transparency in customer transactions.

Therefore, IoT is an important technology of daily life, and it will continue to grow with the ever-evolving technology.

5. Applications Of IoT

Business Applications

The benefits of IoT for business depend on the specific implementation, should businesses have access to more data about their products and their internal systems.

Manufacturers are adding sensors to product components so they can pass back data on how they’re performing. This will help businesses detect errors before damage occurs.

Enterprise IoT usage can be divided into two segments:

+ Industry-specific services such as sensors in power plants or real-time locators for healthcare.

+ IoT devices are used in all sorts of industries, like smart air conditioners or security systems.

Applications For Users

IoT will make our homes, offices, and vehicles smarter, more measurable, and better.

Smart devices like Amazon ‘s Echo and Google Home make it easier to play music, set timers, etc. Smart air conditioners can help us heat our homes before we return.

Sensors can help us know how noisy or polluted the environment is. Self-driving cars and smart cities can change the way we build and manage public spaces.

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